Technology Services

The Humphrey School's Academic and Information Technology (AIT) team plans, implements, and delivers technology solutions for the Humphrey School community as a complement to the services offered centrally by the University's Office of Information Technology.

Get Help

1-HELP is the University of Minnesota's central helpline for all technology support. Call 612-301-4357, email, or visit for the full list of contact options.

If you need in-person IT support, stop by the TechStop in Blegen Hall 90. They will be able to help you with requests such as setting up your email on your phone or troubleshooting laptop issues.

Reserve Equipment

The following is a list of equipment available to check out from the Humphrey School Front Desk in room 130. This service is provided to all Humphrey School-affiliated students, faculty and staff.

Items available, correct as of 8/8/2017:

Item Number Available
Charger for iPhone, iPad, Android 1
Conference Telephone 1
Digital Voice Recorder 6
Display Adapter for Macs and Laptops 6
DVD Drive
Flip Video Camera 6
Foot Pedal for Transcription (see instructions) 4
Presenter / Laser Pointer 4
Surge Protector 1
Tripod 3
Ultrabook 5
Video Conferencing Headset 2

If you have questions regarding current item availability, please email

Use Meeting Rooms and Labs

Building access

Your University U Card is used to give you 24x7 access to the Humphrey School building, including the computer labs. This access must be manually set up by presenting your U Card to the front desk staff in room 130. 

Conference rooms (131, 173, 175, 274 and 300)

Each conference room is equipped with a 60-inch TV monitor with VGA, HDMI, and audio inputs. To reserve a space, add a conference room to your Google Calendar event. When available, the conference rooms can also be used as study areas.


The Mondale Commons has wireless network access, power sockets and seating areas. In addition, there are 8 seating pods on the staircase.

Student computer labs

All labs are available 24x7 (except the instructional lab 85 which is unavailable during scheduled classes). All lab computers are connected to a network printer, and provide access to a selection of licensed software packages, including Stata, NVivo, ArcGIS and Adobe Creative Cloud. Students may also access some of these software packages remotely via Apps to Go. See Remote Software Access for more information.

Printing is available in all of the Humphrey School computer labs. For information on how to print, please see the Printing tab on this page.

Lab 40

  • 12 computers
  • 3 conference rooms
  • Group study areas

Lab 80

  • Quiet study lab
  • 20 computers
  • Quiet study area

Lab 85

  • Instructional lab, available to use when classes are not in session
  • 34 computers (plus instructor station)
  • Projector with 3 screens

MURP Planning Lab (Room 290)

  • Available to MURP students
  • 4 computers
  • Color printer
  • Scanner
  • Drafting table
  • Conference rooms
  • Library of research materials, handbooks, and maps

Jernberg Lounge (Room 10)

The Jernberg Lounge is available to Humphrey students for studying and socializing. There are tables, couches, a refrigerator, and a microwave.

Lab 50

Humphrey School room 50 is managed by the Office of Classroom Management in collaboration with the Office of Information Technology, and offers study space, conference rooms and computers available for use by all University of Minnesota students. Please note that the computers in this lab do not currently include the Humphrey School-specific software listed above.

Print in the Computer Labs

Humphrey School students are provided with a free printing allowance in all of the Humphrey School managed labs: HHH 40, 80, 85 and 290 (for MURP students.) 

Important note: the printing allowance DOES NOT COUNT towards printing in the Learning Commons (HHH 50). This is because HHH 50 is not administered by the Humphrey School IT department.

Printing allowance amounts

The printing allowance is equal to one fifth of the collegiate fee paid by the student (which varies depending on the number of credits being taken).

Semester and credit load

Printing allowance provided to student

Fall/Spring - 6 or more credits


Fall/Spring - less than 6 credits


Summer - 3 or more credits


Summer - less than 3 credits


Any allowance remaining at the end of Fall and Spring semesters is carried forward through the end of Summer session. Balances are cleared at the beginning of Fall semester each year.

Instructors and TAs are allocated an additional $50 allowance to support their classroom duties.

After a student has used up their allowance for the semester, they will be asked to pay for subsequent printing using Gopher GOLD funds.

Per-sheet printing charges

Duplex printing is included at no additional charge.

Printing type

Per-sheet price


Black and white (8.5”x11”)

10 cents

All HHH labs 
(40, 80, 85, MURP 290) 

Black and white (11”x17”)

20 cents

MURP lab 290

Color (8.5”x11”)

25 cents

MURP lab 290

Color (11”x17”)

50 cents

MURP lab 290

Large-format/poster (3’ wide)

0.35 cents per square inch 
(50 cents per square foot)

e.g. $6 for a 3’x4’ poster

HHH lab 85, MURP lab 290

** Important note: the printing allowance DOES NOT COUNT towards prints made in the centrally managed Learning Commons (HHH 50). If you want to print in that lab, you will need to pay using Gopher GOLD funds.

How to print

  1. Print to the printer named "HHH40_80_85_290" (for black and white printing).
  2. If you are using a personal device, you will be asked to enter your Internet ID.
  3. Go to the printing station in any of the HHH labs.
  4. Swipe your UCard, with the barcode facing out. You will hear a beep when the swipe is successful - if it doesn't work at first, try swiping more slowly.
  5. Select your print job and click "print."
  6. Your print job will print.

Please note: once you print to the printer, you have 45 minutes to retrieve your print job from the printing station. After this time has elapsed, the print job will be automatically deleted.

Print from a personal computer

Students may print to the lab printers from their personal Windows and Mac OS X laptops. This requires you to download and install a small utility program first.



Once the software is installed, follow the printing instructions above.

Use Network Storage Drives

Never store documents and data on a local drive of a computer (e.g. C:). This location may be overwritten at any time and your documents will be lost. Instead, store your documents on a network drive. There are up to six drives available at the Humphrey School.

Drive name Windows network location Mac network location
Home (H:) \\\HHH\Home smb://
Open Home (O:) \\\HHH\Open Home smb:// Home
Courses (T:) \\\HHH\Courses smb://
Areas (G:) \\\HHH\Areas smb://
Administration (S:) \\\HHH\Administration smb://
Projects (P:) \\\HHH\Projects smb://

You will have access to two or more of these drives, depending on your role.

Connecting to the Network Drives

Note: If you are connecting from outside the University, you will first need to install and use virtual private networking (VPN) before connecting to the network drives.

Once you are connected to the University network (locally or via VPN), you can map your network drives using the following directions.

On Windows 7

  1. Open the Start Menu in the bottom left corner
  2. Right click on Computer > 'Map Network Drive'
  3. Enter the network location (see above) that corresponds to the drive you want to map
  4. When prompted for your credentials, log in with your University ID and password. Be sure to add\ before your University ID, e.g.\john0001

On Windows 8 or above

  1. Open File Explorer and click on "This PC"
  2. Click on the "Computer" tab, then on the icon for "Map Network Drive"
  3. Enter the network location (see above) that corresponds to the drive you want to map
  4. When prompted for your credentials, log in with your University ID and password. Be sure to add\ before your University ID, e.g.\john0001

On a Mac

  1. Click on "Go" > "Connect to Server"
  2. Enter the network location (see above) that corresponds to the drive you want to map
  3. When prompted for your credentials, log in with your University ID and password. 
  4. Be sure to add\ before your University ID, e.g.\john0001

If you encounter any problems, please email for assistance.

Access Software Remotely

All students taking Humphrey School classes have access to the following licensed software applications via the Apps to Go service:

  • ArcGIS
  • AutoCAD LT
  • Stata SE

For more information, check out this Humphrey School-specific quick start guide (created by instructor Geoff Maas) or review the more general self help guide provided by central IT.

Special instructions for NVivo

Students may request access to NVivo 11 via an alternative service on a per-semester basis. Please email for more information about this option.

Note: students may also access all available licensed software by visiting the Humphrey School computer labs.

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