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Election Surveys

Over the last several election cycles, the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance has conducted a series of in-depth election surveys.


The Center for the Study of Politics and Governance generates nonpartisan reports throughout the election season and beyond, analyzing the latest buzz on policy issues, statewide and district races, and other important political attitudes.

Mondale Papers

The Mondale Papers are housed at the Minnesota Historical Society. Here are several helpful links to the collections.

Mondale Research Fellowship

Minnesota has a proud history of public servants who made a difference in the lives of the state's citizens and those of the United States. The aim of the Mondale Research Fellowship is to encourage research on elected government officials whose service in office improved the state and the opportunities of its citizens.

2014 Recipients

Jameson Sweet, PhD Candidate, History, University of Minnesota

Research project:
 Mixed-Blood Citizens and Statesmen: The Minnesota Territorial Legislature, the Hazelwood Republic, and Debates over Dakota Mixed-Blood Citizenship
This project is a fascinating history of the Minnesota Legislature’s tortured struggle to define the terms of citizenship for Minnesotans with Dakota ancestry.

Sam Vong, Bruce Gray Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor, History Department, Gustavus Adolphus College

Research project: 
Walter Mondale and the Global Indochinese Refugee Crisis
This project brings to life the journey of Vietnamese “boat people” from the grips of tragedy to the safety of resettlement as Vice President Walter Mondale’s July 1979 visionary speech to members of the United Nations in Geneva inspired local and global commitments to humanitarian compassion.

Dave Kenney, Freelance Writer and Adjunct Instructor of English, Concordia University, St. Paul, MN
Research project: 
Robert Ashbach and the Art of Compromise. 
This project reveals the overlooked accomplishments of Republican Senate Minority Leader, Robert Ashbach, who influenced historic legislation during the 1960s and 1970s - from the Met Council’s founding to the granting of bargaining rights for public employees and the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment – by bridging the divides of party and ideology.

2013 Recipients

Joshua Preston, Political Science and History, University of Minnesota, Morris

Research project: Allan Spear and Minnesota’s Human Rights Act (1993)

Freedom Foundation of Minnesota

Research project: The Rise of Rudy Boschwitz

Steven Dornfeld, Reporter, MinnPost

Research project: Research Proposal on State Sen. Gordon Rosenmeier

Emily Baer-Bositis, Political Science, Univeristy of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Research project: Donald M. Fraser’s Leadership of the Democratic Study Group and Congressional Reform, 1963-79

2012 Recipients

Lori Sturdevant, Editorial Writer and Columnist, Star Tribune

Research project: Her Honor: Rosalie Wahl and the Minnesota Women’s Movement

Ryan Lee Cartwright, American Studies, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Research project: Four Feathered Hats’: The First Cohort of Women in the Minnesota State Legislature

Jed Ipsen, Associate Director, Caux Round Table

Research project: Governor Arne Carlson’s Rescue of Minnesota’s Triple A Bond Rating

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