Greta Friedemann-Sánchez

Associate Professor
child and family policy; gender; human rights; international development

A native of Colombia, Greta Friedemann-Sánchez is an assistant professor of international development in the global policy area. She is an economic and medical anthropologist interested in women's empowerment and gender equity. Her research aims to understand how and why gender equity or inequity is generated inside of homes through the interlacing of family bargaining dynamics, policy, and cultural norms. Dr. Friedemann-Sánchez's research unravels the complex web of intrahousehold relationships through four strands of scholarship: paid labor, property ownership, domestic violence, and unpaid caregiving labor.

National policies and programming can exacerbate intrahousehold gender inequality or strengthen women's intrahousehold bargaining positions. Gathering evidence on the association and relative importance of assets, domestic violence and caregiving to intrahousehold processes is needed, but few surveys collect employment, asset, health, violence, and caregiving data for the same individual. Dr. Friedemann-Sánchez is currently the Principal Investigator of the project "Colombia Individual Survey on Assets, Care, and Violence" (LIVES) which aims to fill these gaps.

Dr. Friedemann-Sánchez holds a Ph.D. in economic anthropology and a Master of Public Affairs from the University of Minnesota, and a Licenciatura in Anthropology from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. She completed postdoctoral training in health services research at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center's Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research. Prior to joining the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Dr. Friedemann-Sánchez was a core health research scientist at the Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center.

Selected Publications

  • Van Houtven, Courtney, Greta Friedemann-Sánchez, Joan M. Griffin, Deborah Levison, Agnes Jensen, Barbara Clothier, Sean Phelan. 2012. Is Policy Well-Targeted to Remedy Financial Strain among Caregivers of U.S. Post-9/11 Service Members with Traumatic Brain Injury and Polytrauma? Inquiry Journal of Health Care Organization and Provision Financing.49(4): 339-351.
  • Friedemann-Sánchez, Greta. 2012. Legal Literacy and Immovable Property: Laws, Norms and Practices in Colombia. Development and Change.43(6): 1361-1384.
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  • Griffin, Joan M., Greta Friedemann-Sánchez, Agnes Jensen, Brent C. Taylor, Amy Gravely, Barbara Clothier, Alisha Baines Simon, Ann Bangerter, Treven Pickett, Christina Thors, Sherry Ceperich, John Poole, Michelle van Ryn. 2012. The Invisible Side of War: Families Caring For US Service Members with Traumatic Brain Injuries and Polytrauma. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation 27(1): 3-13.
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  • Friedemann-Sánchez, Greta. 2006. Assets in Intrahousehold Bargaining among Women Workers in Colombia's Cut-Flower Industry. Feminist Economics 12(1-2): 247-269.
  • Friedemann-Sánchez, Greta. 2006. Assembling Flowers and Cultivating Homes: Labor and Gender in Colombia. Lanham: Lexington Books.
  • Translation. 2008. Ensamblar Flores y Cultivar Hogares: Trabajo y Género en Colombia. Bogotá: Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia.

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