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Our mission is to improve people’s lives by advancing the application of science and technology to solve public problems.  CSTPP explores the increasingly important role that science and technology plays in our society and examines its implications for public policy at the international, national, state and local levels.

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The Master of Science in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (MS–STEP) prepares individuals with natural science or engineering backgrounds to assume roles in public policy development and implementation.The MS–STEP degree focuses on understanding the role of science, technology, and the environment in our society, particularly in relation to economic growth, sustainability, health, education, and national security.

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Center Receives Grant to Research Rapid Urbanization, Infrastructure, and Stranger Violence in India.

Stranger Violence Against Women (SVAW) as a research field is in its infancy. This topic has received much attention due to media reports on horrific attacks on indiscriminate women. This violence has ranged from verbal harassment to acid attacks, rape, and murder. Dr. Ramaswami and her colleagues will address this new research on SVAW in Indian cities, with a focus on Delhi and Mumbai, to understand SVAW issues across different city types. Within these cities they will investigate the social, institutional, and civil infrastructures such as the demographics of rapid urbanization, rural-urban gender and cultural norms, and socio-economic factors that could influence SVAW. This research will establish international and inter-disciplinary scholarly activities in the emerging topic area of SVAW in large cities and assist in developing data on the public health impacts on an issue that is virtually unknown.

Lead PI - Dr. Anu Ramaswami. Co-PIs: Dr. Greta Friedemann-Sánchez, Dr. Jason Cao, Dr. Bruce Alexander, Dr. Sivakami Muthusamy, Dr. Shilpa Phadke

News + Announcements

Dr. Anu Ramaswami Presents at Water Technology Export Roundtable
The Center for Science, Technology & Public Policy partnered with the State Department of Employment & Economic Development to organize a roundtable discussion on water exports. Dr. Anu Ramaswami provided the keynote address "Water and Sustainable Cities: Business Opportunities in the USA, China & India." View her PowerPoint presentation here.

Overview of PIRE Sustainability Summer Course
A team of leading sustainability authorities from across the globe led by Dr. Anu Ramaswami, Charles M. Denny Jr. Chair Professor of Science Technology & Public Policy, is coordinating a summer school that is training students on solving Asia’s most vexing sustainability problems.

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If you need more information or research on issues at the intersection of science and technology with public policy, we can organize and conduct research projects with scientists in other colleges of the University of Minnesota that can blend cutting-edge science and technology with policy savvy. Learn more about our research capabilities here.

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EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, speaking with Deb Swackhamer

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