Judy Temple

cost-benefit analysis; early childhood education; economics of education; policy evaluation; public economics

Judy Temple has a joint appointment in the Humphrey School and in the Department of Applied Economics. Her recent research focuses on evaluation of the longer terms of effects of early educational interventions. She is a co-principal investigator on a project involving the Chicago Longitudinal Study, which has followed over 1,200 students from low-income neighborhoods from kindergarten into adulthood. Temple also is an adjunct professor in the Institute of Child Development.

Before arriving at the Humphrey School in 2006, Temple was an associate professor of economics at Northern Illinois University, where she taught and conducted research in public economics including state and local finance and policy evaluation. Temple also has taught at the LaFollette Institute of Public Affairs at UW-Madison.

Judy Temple has a doctorate in economics from Michigan State University and an undergraduate degree from UW-Madison. She has been a National Academy of Education/ Spencer Foundation postdoctoral fellow.