Equity & Diversity

The Humphrey School of Public Affairs inspires, educates, and supports innovative leaders to advance the common good in a diverse world by:

  • Creating an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive school environment
  • Ensuring that the people and scholarship at the School reflect our community and the world
  • Building an institution committed to inter-cultural growth and learning

Our faculty, staff, students, and alumni share a special commitment to social justice and the celebration of diversity that are the legacy of our namesake, Hubert H. Humphrey. Mayor Humphrey burst on the national political scene in 1948 with an impassioned speech at the Democratic National Convention in which he called for inclusion of civil rights in the party platform. In 1961, Humphrey said: “It is one thing to enact legislation that outlaws flagrant examples of racial discrimination—segregated hotels, buses, and parks. It is another thing to eliminate the more subtle and sophisticated techniques that effectively limit true freedom of choice in jobs, education, and housing.”

True to his vision, the Humphrey School is committed to diversifying our community using the very broadest definition of the term and to eliminating the "subtle and sophisticated" systems that limit true freedom. The Humphrey School is committed to:

  • Creating a shared responsibility for building, maintaining, and improving an inclusive school climate to increase appreciation of and respect for diverse backgrounds, as well as multiple and intersectional identities
  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty, staff and student body
  • Fostering a respectful and collegial learning environment for all Humphrey students, staff, and faculty members

Diversity Strategic Action Plan

More than 100 members of the Humphrey School community participated in a series of sessions during the spring of 2012 to develop the Humphrey School's Diversity Strategic and Action Plan. Following those sessions, the Humphrey School's executive council resolved: to affirm the school's commitment to diversity, to accept the plan as a guiding framework for concrete action to further achieve our diversity goals, to encourage the diversity committee, faculty, staff, and students to assess the feasibility of example strategies in the plan (or additional new ones), to begin implementation of strategies as appropriate, and to review periodically and report on progress in implementation through use of various performance indicators. 

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee is responsible for generating discussion and initiatives that value and/or actively promote diversity and helping achieve the goals of the Diversity and Strategic Action Plan.

Committee Membership

  • Dean’s Office co-chair, appointed by the dean
  • Faculty/staff co-chair, appointed by the dean
  • Three faculty members, appointed by the dean for three-year terms
  • Seven students, six chosen by student members of the committee (Three first-year students selected by three second-year student representatives)
  • Three staff members, appointed by the Dean for three-year terms
  • Humphrey Student Services representative, appointed by Student Services for three-year term
  • Two alumni, selected for a three-year term by the committee co-chairs from applicants
  • One international student selected for a one-year term by the Humphrey Fellows Program working groups

Diversity committee working groups focus on communications, curriculum, recruitment and retention, and accountability and evaluation.

Student Groups

Humphrey Students of Color is open to all students who wish to further the diversity goals of the Humphrey Institute and advance the collective interests of students of color.

The Sylvia Rivera Society is a queer student group at the Humphrey School that advocates for, supports and creates a platform for the voices of LGBTQIA students.

Office of the Dean

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