Freeman Center for International Economic Policy

Freeman, McCarthy, Humphrey, LBJ

The Orville and Jane Freeman Chair and Freeman Center for International Economic Policy were established in the 1990 to honor the achievements of two great social and political leaders. The Center addresses major challenges of an increasingly interdependent global economy and crafts effective policy responses.

Workshops on Global Economic and Other Policy Issues

The Freeman Center has sponsored a bi-weekly workshop on global economic and other policy issues since 1991. These recognized forums provide a place where researchers on international policy issues and Minnesota's business and public sectors can share ideas.

Unless otherwise noted, sessions are held every other Tuesday from 12:45 to 2 p.m. in the Stassen Room (Room 170) of the Humphrey School during the fall and spring semesters. Recent workshop and seminar information available here.

Freeman Center for International Economic Policy

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With Wells Fargo in our recent history, it is clear that problematic banker behavior has continued. Demonizing bankers is easy, unrealistic, and ultimately not helpful. Better law can help, but a cultural shift, both within banks and in the broader society, is necessary as well. This talk describes that cultural shift, and how it can come about.