Government Innovation

Minnesota faces the reality of an aging population, rising health care costs, and an increasing demand for government services with reduced revenue. Yet many state agencies and departments, counties, cities, towns, and schools have refused to let the traditional approaches of either increasing taxes or cutting spending exclusively dictate their responses to these challenges. Instead, they are pursuing a third way—innovation and service redesign.

To support state and local government redesign efforts and recognize the innovative work already underway, the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center has established the State Government Innovations Awards (SGIA) and the Local Government Innovation Awards (LGIA). The awards:

  • Recognize the agencies and departments within state government that are transforming their work in changing times
  • Recognize outstanding cities, counties, towns, and schools in Minnesota that demonstrate results in improving local services
  • Are led by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs in partnership with the Association of Minnesota Counties, League of Minnesota Cities, Minnesota School Boards Association, Minnesota Association of Townships, and Minnesota state government.

Learn more about the LGIA and view past winners.
Learn more about the SGIA and view past winners.

Local Government Innovation & Redesign Guide

Local government officials around the state face continuous budget cuts and increased demand for services. Confronted with these challenges, cities, counties, and schools throughout Minnesota have refused to let the traditional approach of tax increases and service cuts be their only response to budget shortfalls. They've instead chosen a path of innovation and service redesign. The Local Government Innovation & Redesign Guide will assist local elected and appointed officials in finding new and better ways to deliver public services. Download guide here. 

Peer Learning Networks

In these networks, people come to learn together, and address emerging needs using participatory leadership practices. Our peer learning networks span various programmatic areas in Minnesota's human services and workforce development landscape. Learn more here.

Innovation Labs

These labs create space for exploration and innovation using human-centered design and the Art of Participatory Leadership processes to facilitate prototyping and service redesign. Think of these as pop-up spaces to provide your organization what is needed for that breakthrough. Learn more here