How to Apply: Policy Fellows

Thank you for your interest in the Policy Fellows program.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 cohort. Applications and recommendation letters are due Monday, June 4, 2018. Please carefully review the main page and the FAQs section of our website before making the decision to apply.

Informational Webinar: Wednesday, May 2, 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Join us for the live webinar

A recording will be available after the webinar is complete.

To Apply

Part 1

Prepare the application form and written responses. FileDownload the form (rich text format) and save it as a single Word or PDF document. Include your name on every page.

When complete, please upload the document in Word or PDF format and complete the online portion of application. 

About the writing portion

This is an excellent place to give us some insight into your experiences and perspectives, to help us learn who you are personally and professionally. Please be honest in your responses—there are no “right” answers.

Please respond to all three of the prompts individually (numbered 1, 2, 3); approximately two (2) pages or 800-1200 words total, in 10-12 point font. There is space to write your responses on the application form. Please be sure your name is on all the pages you submit.

1. Describe a message or a value you received (for example: from your family; in school; in your work life, etc.) that has shaped who you are today.

2. Share an example of when you have felt tested or challenged in your work; or a time when your skills or your leadership capacity were tested. This could be in your professional role, or in a community role. It does not necessarily have to be something with a positive outcome or resolution.

3. Our workplaces and political spaces are marked by sometimes intense disagreements and sharply different perspectives. In what ways have you worked across differences to clarify the dialogue and find ways to work with others? Please explain.

Part 2

Please ask two references to submit letters of support on your behalf. These should be from people who know you well and are familiar with your professional or community work.

You will be prompted online to indicate the names of your two references.

If you have one or both of your recommendation letters in your possession, you may upload them as part of your online application. Alternatively, the letter writers may email them directly to and we will confirm we have received them.

Recommendation letters must be submitted online OR mailed/emailed by June 4th. It is your responsibility to ensure that the letters arrive by the deadline. We will let you know when your letters arrive and your application is complete. Incomplete applications (missing one or both recommendation letters) will not be considered for this year’s cohort.

Further information about recommendation letters is available. Please share this information with the individuals you would like to write letters of support for your application.

Part 3 (optional)

You will have the option of uploading an additional document as a supplement to your application, if you feel it is imperative for us to review as part of your application (e.g. extended CV, letter explaining unique circumstances, etc). This is not required and does not give any advantage to your application.

Application Deadline

All materials must be submitted by Monday, June 4th, 2018 for consideration (anytime that day, before midnight). We will confirm with you when your application file is complete. This is a single round selection process; we do not conduct interviews. We intend to notify all applicants of selection decisions by the end of July.

Further questions? Contact us at or 612-625-5340.