Humphrey School News—September 5, 2017

What They Did on their Summer 'Vacation'

Humphrey students gain invaluable experience on summer internships in their fields

There may have been a time when summer break was for fun and relaxation, but for graduate students of public affairs, summertime is mostly filled with hard work and internships. Humphrey School of Public Affairs students returning to campus for fall semester have stories to share about exciting internships in Minnesota, Washington, DC, around the United States, and in other countries.

Many students say internships are one of the most important parts of their academic experience, providing hands-on experience and, in some cases, opportunities for employment after graduation.

We caught up with a few such students and asked them how they spent their summers.

Connor McPartland
Connor McPartland, MPP '18
Hudson Institute
Peiyu Phua
Peiyu Phua, MURP '18
Shanghai Pudong Urban Planning & Design Institute and China Academy of Urban Planning and Design
Joseph Schaefbauer
Joseph Schaefbauer, MPP '19
Office of the US Trade Representative
Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, MHR '18
UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Office of Communications

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