Humphrey School News—April 17, 2019

Target Continues Longtime Support of Humphrey School Through Public Leadership Awards Sponsorship

Sponsorship fits in with the company’s long-standing commitment to community engagement.


A young woman wearing a red Target t-shirt helps a girl plant young plants in a large pot.
Targets community engagement efforts include support of the Hubert Humphrey Public Leadership Awards, as well as extensive volunteer efforts by its team members in communities across the country. Photo: Target

The Humphrey School of Public Affairs is pleased to acknowledge Target Corporation for its major sponsorship of the School’s 2019 Hubert H. Humphrey Public Leadership Awards.

It’s the eighth year that Target has supported the annual awards gala, which recognizes individuals and organizations that contribute to the common good through leadership and service.

The ongoing partnership between Target and the Humphrey School is a natural one, according to Jennifer Silberman, Target’s vice president of corporate responsibility.

“We share the Humphrey School’s passion for developing leaders who are committed to advancing the common good,” Silberman (pictured below) says. “At Target, we aim to put the needs of people, communities, and the planet at the heart of how we work today, to help create a better tomorrow. Through our support of the Public Leadership Awards, we’re proud to recognize the extraordinary leaders who embody this vision by helping solve today’s challenges.”

Head shot of Jennifer Silberman, Target's vice president of corporate responsibilityTarget’s sponsorship of the Public Leadership Awards helps the School raise funds to support scholarships for students. Since the establishment of the Public Leadership Awards in 2003, donors have contributed more than $1.5 million toward that effort.

This year’s awardees are Johnnetta Betsch Cole, former director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African Art and first African American female president of Spelman College; Gary Eichten, Minnesota Public Radio News editor-at-large and retired program host; and Brigadier General Sandy Best, (Humphrey Policy Fellow ’12), chief of staff and first female general in the Minnesota Air National Guard. They will be recognized at the awards dinner on April 23

Target’s ongoing support of the Humphrey School fits in with the company’s long-standing commitment to community engagement. Silberman says Target volunteers have contributed more than one million hours of volunteer service in communities across the country in each of the past six years.

Target also funds local and nationally recognized nonprofit organizations. In 2017, the company donated more than $104 million to community programs, and another $112 million through in-kind donations.

“Our company was founded with a deeply held belief that the success of our business relies on the strength and vitality of the communities we serve,” says Silberman. “By investing in the places where we live and work, we create more sustainable communities for future generations of guests and team members.”

The relationship between Target and the Humphrey School extends to a more personal level as well. Silberman notes that Target team members regularly enroll in the Humphrey Policy Fellows program and benefit from the school’s other programs.

“We believe that driving meaningful results and change takes time, patience and partnership. By supporting the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, we’re helping build a better, brighter future for the people we serve.” 

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