Humphrey School News—January 11, 2016

STEP Students Travel to China, India for Sustainable Cities Project

A group of 15 Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy students at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs students are in China and India this month as part of Professor Anu Ramaswami's Partnership for International Research and Education (PIRE) project funded by the National Science Foundation. The students are looking at the sectors of energy, transportation/transit, industrial development, and water and waste management systems to compare and contrast infrastructure and transitions toward low carbon and sustainable cities across India and China. 

The trip includes a workshop in New Delhi on January 11 and 12 to share information about infrastructure transitions in the U.S., China, and India that can transform cities to a healthy and sustainable future.  International experts, policy makers, and scholars will look at ways of addressing air pollution, energy security, and a clean energy future while being economically competitive and technologically innovative.

The Humphrey School students are joined by students from Georgia Tech and Yale University, as well as by students and researchers from the Indian Institute of TechnologyChina Academy of Sciences, and Tsinghua University.

Learn more about the PIRE tour.

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