Humphrey School News—April 12, 2018

Humphrey School's Fundraising Campaign Goal: To Create a Better World Together


Associate Professor Jerry Zhao sits at a table with five students
Jerry Zhao, associate professor in public administration (far right), meets with students in the Humphrey School's Joan and Walter Mondale Commons.

Declaring that the Humphrey School of Public Affairs is poised to discover and implement bold new solutions to society’s most pressing problems and to influence and prepare future public leaders, Dean Laura Bloomberg has announced Leading Together, a $20 million fundraising campaign. Its goals are to expand opportunities for students, support faculty research and development, and broaden the School’s global reach and impact.

“Like our namesake, Hubert H. Humphrey, our School is driven by a passion for human welfare, boundless optimism, and a talent for inspiring people to work together toward common goals,” says Bloomberg. “The Campaign for the Humphrey School will open important doors of opportunity for students and faculty.”

The campaign has three main goals:

  • Broaden access to public affairs education: $12 million to support scholarships, fellowships, and professional internships; and to host summer residency programs that expose talented and diverse undergraduate students to opportunities in public affairs
  • Fuel research and teaching: $6 million to recruit and retain highly accomplished faculty members to teach and lead our students; engage with local and global communities; and conduct groundbreaking research in pressing topics from climate change to sustainable cities, from economic inequality to human rights
  • Expand global reach and impact: $2 million to increase global field experiences for our students; host international leaders and visiting scholars; develop research and teaching partnerships with governments and institutions around the world; and employ state-of-the-art knowledge-sharing technology

Bloomberg notes the School’s many accomplishments over the past several years, including its national ranking as a top ten school of public affairs; new programs to attract students from underrepresented backgrounds; new offerings in election administration, human services delivery, and human rights; and an expanded international focus.

“As a school at the top of the national rankings, we understand our responsibility to promote a vision of leadership that brings diverse people and communities together,” Bloomberg says. “We seek to deepen our capacity to address issues that jeopardize our collective well-being.”

Those sentiments are echoed by one of the Humphrey School’s most passionate supporters, former Vice President Walter Mondale, who was a close friend of Hubert Humphrey.

“The Humphrey School is a place that encourages young people to get engaged in public life,” says Mondale, who teaches at the School and serves on the dean’s advisory council. “It taps into the dynamics, the excitement, and the goodwill of students to improve the quality and decency of life, the joy of public service. But we need to support their education to give these young people a chance.”

The first phase of the campaign has raised $10.7 million in support so far.

The Humphrey School’s fundraising effort is part of the University of Minnesota’s overall campaign, Driven: The University of Minnesota Campaign, to raise $4 billion to strengthen Minnesota’s only land-grant research university and fuel its quest to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

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