Humphrey School News—September 18, 2015

Humphrey School Researchers Address Self-driving Vehicles and Policy Implications

Whether you call them self-driving, driverless, automated, or autonomous, these vehicles are on the move. Recent announcements by Google (which drove over 500,000 miles on its original prototype vehicles) and other major automakers indicate the potential for development in this area. Driverless cars are often discussed as “disruptive technology” with the ability to transform transportation infrastructure, expand access, and deliver benefits to a variety of users. Some observers estimate limited availability of driverless cars by 2020, with wide availability to the public by 2040. The article, written by Humphrey School researchers Adeel Lari, Frank Douma, and Ify Onyiah,  includes examination of the current status of this technology, and the implications for road safety, capacity, travel behavior, and cost.

Read the full article in the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science, and Technology

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