Humphrey School News—May 4, 2017

Humphrey School Research Highlighted at Annual TRB Meeting

Faculty and graduate students from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs presented research at the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC, earlier this year. Topics ranged from employment accessibility and traffic flow to weather-based demand fluctuations and social media data.

Professor Greg Lindsey’s paper, Up on the 606: Understanding Use of a New Elevated Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail in Chicago, Illinois (pictured  above), co-authored with Paul Gobster and Sonya Sachdeva of the U.S. Forest Service, was one of two papers awarded the 2017 Outstanding Paper Award from the TRB’s Committee on Highway Traffic Monitoring.

Professor Yingling Fan was invited to speak at the annual meeting of the Rail Transit Systems Committee about her ongoing book project, Rail Transit Revival in Urban America: The Truth and the Future.  

Robert Johns, senior fellow at the University of Minnesota, served on the Executive Board of the TRB’s Policy and Organization Group, overseeing a number of transportation policy, management, data, and education technical committees.

In addition to presenting his own research, Frank Douma, director of the State and Local Policy Program at the Humphrey School, moderated a panel discussion titled, Data Encryption: What Apple’s Attempt to Keep the ‘Back Door’ Locked Means for Transportation. The panel was cosponsored by the Task Force on Data Privacy, Security, and Protection Policy, and the Emerging Technology Law Committee.

All research presented by Humphrey School faculty and graduate students

  • Accessibility Scenario Analysis of Hypothetical Future Transit Network: Social Equity Implications of GTFS-Based Sketch Planning Tool; Andrew Guthrie, Yingling Fan, and Kirti Das
  • Addressing Key Concerns Regarding Automated Speed Enforcement via Interactive Survey; Colleen Peterson, Frank Douma, and Nichole Morris
  •  An Introduction to the Network Weight Matrix; Alireza Ermagun and David Levinson
  • Equity Analyses of Bikeway Distribution in Minneapolis, MN; Jueyu Wang and Greg Lindsey
  • Exploring Service Correlates of Passengers’ Satisfaction with High-Speed Rail and Improvement Priorities; Feng Zhen, Jason Cao, and Jia Tang
  • Exposure to Risk and the Built Environment: Empirical Study of Bicycle Crashes in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Jueyu Wang, Greg Lindsey, and Steve Hankey
  • Intra-household bargaining for school trip accompaniment of children: A group decision approach; Alireza Ermagun and David Levinson
  • Intraurban Accessibility and Employment Density; Michael Iacono, Jason Cao, and David Levinson
  • Mode Choice and Travel Distance Joint Models for School Trips; Alireza Ermagun and Amir Samimi
  • Monitoring Shared-use Paths: Applying Warrants for Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons and Traffic Signals; Greg Lindsey, Michael Peterka, Jueyu Wang, and Steve Hankey
  • Network Econometrics and Traffic Flow Analysis; Alireza Ermagun
  • Photos, Tweets, and Trails: Are Social Media Proxies for Urban Trail Use?; Xinyi Wu, Spencer Wood, David Fisher, and Greg Lindsey
  • Review of State-of-the-Art Smartphone Apps for Travel Data Collection and Energy-Efficient Strategies; Chen-Fu Liao, Cynthia Chen, and Yingling Fan
  • Roadway Safety Policy and Leadership: A Case Study of Six Midwest States; Lee Munnich
  • Spatiotemporal Traffic Forecasting: Review and Proposed Directions; Alireza Ermagun and David Levinson
  • Strategies for Monitoring Multiuse Trail Networks: Implications for Practice; Greg Lindsey, Jeffrey Wilson, Jueyu Wang, and Tracy Loh
  • Traffic Impacts of Bicycle Fatalities: An Observational Study; Melissa Duhn, Derek Lehrke, John Hourdos, and Greg Lindsey
  • Up on the 606: Understanding Use of New Elevated Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail in Chicago, Illinois; Greg Lindsey et al
  • Urban Trails and Demand Response to Weather Variations; Alireza Ermagun, Greg Lindsey, and Tracy Loh
  • Using Temporal Detrending to Observe the Spatial Correlation of Traffic; Alireza Ermagun, Snigdhansu Chatterjee, and David Levinson
  • Using Three-Factor Method to Identify Improvement Priorities for Express and Local Bus Services in Twin Cities, Minnesota; Xinyi Wu and Jason Cao
  • When and How Much Did the Green Line LRT Increase Residential Property Values in St. Paul, Minnesota?; Jason Cao and Shengnan Lou
  • Workers’ Residential Choices Around Growing Rapid Transit Systems; Yunlei Qi, Andrew Guthrie, and Yingling Fan

(Photo: Screen grab from YouTube video by Nick Liveris)

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