Humphrey School News—August 2, 2018

Hannah Jolibois, JSI 2018

Hometown: Lakewood, Washington
College and majors: University of Washington; international studies and public health

Hannah JoliboisWhat attracted you to the Junior Summer Institute?
I've always been interested in the role policy plays in day-to-day life and how it impacts change, but I've never had the chance before this program to really imagine what a career in public policy would look like. I was attracted specifically to the Humphrey because of its commitment to considering race and community in the realm of policy; from my own experience I've seen bad policy made by people who think they know who they're serving but who never actually ask the population they're trying to help what they want. To me, policy is a conversation and I wanted a space that reflected that belief.

What surprised you most during the program?
I was most surprised by the range of ways to look at policy topics and how the framing of the question impacts the solutions that are considered.

Best part of the JSI?
Community dinner with the cohort, where everyone would eat, laugh, and talk. There would be four different conversations going on in this banquet length table that ranged from throwing shade on someone’s home state, to talking about politics, to talking about philosophers. It was a crazy trainwreck of topics and I loved every minute of it.

Did the program change your mind about what you want to do after you graduate from college? What do you want to do after graduation?
This program opened up a lot of possibilities I hadn't even considered, like urban planning and resource management, [subjects that] before this program I didn't even realize I had an interest in. I am still thinking over what I want to do post-graduation, but I know I want to get some work experience and do Americorps. I plan to come to terms with the real world outside of academia for a bit and consider where I most want to make change before I go to graduate school.

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