Humphrey School News—March 19, 2018

Gabe Chan on China's Underperforming Wind Sector


Professor Gabe Chan
Assistant Professor Gabe Chan works in the Humphrey School's science, technology, and environmental policy area. Photo: Bruce Silcox

Assistant Professor Gabriel Chan has co-authored a new paper on China’s wind power sector, published this week in Environmental Research Letters.

In ''Why is China’s wind power generation not living up to its potential?'' Chan and his co-authors examine the paradox of China’s wind power investment. While China has the world’s largest installed base of wind power capacity by a factor of two, it generates significantly less electricity per installation compared to the United States and other advanced nations. Chan and his colleagues have examined several factors in China’s wind power infrastructure, from the height and placement of turbines to delays in grid connection to find the reasons for China’s underperforming wind sector.

Read the entire paper online at

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