Humphrey School News—August 2, 2018

Dante Moss, JSI 2018

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
College and Major: Syracuse University; policy studies

Dante MossWhat attracted you to the Junior Summer Institute?
The mission to get more people of color and underrepresented groups into positions of power, government, and public service was and is a compelling mission, and one I want to contribute to. It also provides a great community that I can continue to grow with and learn from. PPIA is also a nationally recognized fellowship and I met many successful alumni from the program, and others, that were making positive changes in their own fields. I knew that this program would provide me with the network, skills, and experience to do the same.

What surprised you most during the program?
I think one of the best things about attending a JSI is how it shows the participants how much we do not know, and how much we have to learn. Whether it is about economics and statistics, policy analysis, desires for our future, or about ourselves, JSI made us stay humble and acknowledge that there is always room for growth. Personally, I was surprised by how much I grew as a leader and in my conviction in myself. With so many other strong personalities I wanted to be able to challenge others and stand in my own beliefs even when there was disagreement.

Best Part of JSI?
Connecting with other driven, thoughtful, and caring individuals is not a common occurrence on college campuses. JSI is a great opportunity to build relationships and learn from others about the multitude of experiences and perspectives that are out there. While the coursework was beneficial and challenging, working closely in groups was the most educational experience from the program. Working in groups forced all of us to use what we were learning in class and apply it. If there were any differences, the real lesson was being able to work through them and find a common answer.

Did the program change your mind about what you want to do after you graduate from college? What do you want to do after graduation?
I realized I wanted take time off before I attend graduate school. After graduation I want to work and volunteer to continue to gain more skills and experience in public advocacy, organizing, communication, and data and policy analysis.

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