Humphrey School News—November 15, 2019

CANCELED: Michael Bloomberg Appearance as Distinguished Carlson Lecturer

Editor's note: This statement has been updated to clarify University policy.

The Humphrey School of Public Affairs announces the cancellation of the Distinguished Carlson Lecture featuring Michael Bloomberg, which was scheduled for December 5 on the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus.

The School had announced Michael Bloomberg’s appearance in October. But in recent days, the increased likelihood that Bloomberg will formally enter the 2020 presidential race has required us to reassess the decision to host this event.

University policy and federal law prohibit any arm of a public university from engaging in activity that may support a current presidential candidate. This includes funding an event with a candidate on a public university campus.  

For this reason, the Humphrey School has decided not to move forward with this event. We have notified ticket holders of our decision, and we apologize to them for any inconvenience this cancellation may cause.

Political campaigns may have events on University of Minnesota campuses; however, costs associated with such events are at the expense of the campaigns. In the instance of the Carlson Lecture, University funds would have covered some of the costs of Bloomberg's visit to campus.

Please note, the University does distinguish between these types of campaign events or rallies and programming that has an educational purpose. The University does organize discussions aimed at dissecting policy issues, and candidate forums in which panel discussion takes place or that engage a variety of candidates over a series of programs.

The Humphrey School regularly hosts speakers and public affairs scholars on the University of Minnesota campus, connecting the community with experts in social justice, government, urban planning, global policy, energy and climate policy, and other important topics. We encourage community members to sign up to receive our events digest and attend other events this school year. We welcome their participation.

Please watch for an announcement in January of our 2020 Distinguished Carlson Lecturer. 

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