Humphrey School News—November 28, 2017

Assaad Recognized for Commitment to Global Engagement

He was recognized for making outstanding contributions to global education and international capacity development.

Humphrey School of Public Affairs Professor Ragui Assaad is a recipient of the 2017 Award for Global Engagement, given each year to University of Minnesota faculty and staff for their exceptional contributions to global education, research, and engagement. The University’s Global Programs and Strategy Alliance sponsors the award each year as part of its effort to make internationalization a priority at the University.

Assaad was recognized for making outstanding contributions to global education and international capacity development as a researcher, teacher, scholar, administrator, and manager. Spending his early life in Egypt, he has focused most of his scholarly work on human development and labor market issues in the Middle East and North Africa, a region that, he says, receives a lot of media coverage for violence, conflict, and geopolitical competition, “but whose human development issues are often neglected.”

On sabbatical in Cairo for the 2017-18 academic year, Assaad is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Department of Economics of the American University in Cairo and a visiting scholar at the Economic Research Forum, a regional research organization. One of his main projects this year is to direct the fourth wave of a longitudinal survey of labor market conditions in Egypt that he started in 1998 in cooperation with Egypt’s national statistical office.

An influential scholar in human development and labor market issues, Assaad is a major contributor to the Humphrey School’s reputation as one of the world’s leading institutions in planning and public affairs. Over the last 25 years, he has taught numerous courses on international economic development, planning, and policy analysis. Aside from his scholarly contributions at the University of Minnesota, Assaad’s global engagement includes service on numerous high-level advisory boards and mentoring of junior colleagues and leading training workshops and courses in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, and elsewhere.

“Global engagement is at the very heart of my work,” says Assaad. “I am committed to research public goods, help the capacity of local and regional researchers to use them to produce cutting-edge, policy-relevant research, and contribute to policy debates about key issues in human development.”

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