MS–STEP Aid & Scholarships

The Humphrey School is pleased to offer a variety of scholarships and fellowships which are made possible through generous friends and alumni of the School. The following awards do not require an additional application from incoming students unless otherwise noted.

Gerald W. Heaney
Applicants must be from Duluth or Northeastern Minnesota.

Francis Humphrey Howard
This award is intended to provide first year support for an incoming student planning to pursue a career in public service.

Humphrey School Public Leaders Fellowships
These vary in amount and structure, ranging from a one year full-tuition scholarship to a one-year full-tuition scholarship, plus a graduate assistantship.

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowships and Scholarships
These scholarships are given to full time students for their two years of study, and may vary in amount

Peace Corps/Coverdell Fellowship
These awards are intended to support Returning Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV), and vary in amount, structure, and length. The Humphrey School/Coverdell Fellowship requires recipients to give back to the community, in the spirit of continuing their Peace Corps service in a domestic setting

Martin Olav Sabo Fellowship
This award is for students from historically underrepresented applicant populations with demonstrated financial need who have overcome economic or educational disadvantages to achieve success in scholarship and leadership that will increase the diversity of views and experiences represented in the Humphrey School student body.

Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Fellowship Program
The PPIA is for students from groups who are underrepresented in leadership positions in government, nonprofits, international organizations and other institutional settings. The awards vary in amount and structure.

Shorenstein Scholarship
This scholarship varies in amount, structure and length.