STEP Seminar: International Negotiations in the Biotech Space

Join us for a special STEP Seminar with visiting STEP Alum Genya Dana.

Genya is the Head of Precision Medicine at the World Economic Forum. She leads the co-design, testing and scaling of pilot projects with governments, industry, civil society, and academia to tackle policy and governance challenges around moving toward a tailored and personalized approach to health and healthcare. She is an internationally recognized expert on the policy and science of synthetic biology and gene editing, and has advised foreign policy makers on the implications of emerging technologies.

She served as a U.S. negotiator on science, technology and innovation in multi-lateral organizations like the United Nations, worked to advance science, technology and innovation for sustainable development with a focus on Africa, and developed international partnerships to support scientific research on brain science and biological engineering. 

She has a biology degree from Emory University, an MSc in science, technology and environmental policy and a PhD in risk assessment from the University of Minnesota, and conducted her PhD research in South Africa.

STEP Seminar Series

The STEP seminar series is an interdisciplinary platform for scholars and practitioners to discuss research and policy issues in the broad domain of science, technology, and environmental policy. The seminar series provides an informal setting for feedback and engagement with ongoing research projects and policy debates.
We invite scholars from all disciplines and practitioners working in all action arenas with connections to the fields of scholarship that shape science, technology, and environmental policy. The seminar series takes place throughout the academic year at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Interested speakers should contact STEP Coordinator Olivia Schares at

February 27, 2019
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Room 30, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
301 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55455