STEP Seminar: "Braiding Science, Policy and Climate Justice: Epistemic Apartheid Prevents Climate Integrity"

Headshot of Sam Grant
Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy
Sam Grant
December 7, 2020 - 12:00 pm CST
- 1:00 pm
This STEP Seminar features Sam Grant, Executive Director of environmental justice organization MN350.

Join us for a lunchtime seminar with Sam Grant, Executive Director of MN350.

Given the failure of the MPCA and the governor to prevent authorization for construction on Line 3, and that construction did indeed begin on December 1, we need to understand the intersectionality of policy failures, market pressures, science failures, and social movement failures. In this work we recognize failures as "lessons." What can we learn from this moment, and how it matches the pattern of failures of the IPCC and UNFCCC regarding coordination for climate integrity at the global level?

It is time to nourish the cells of co-creativity at all levels, at all scales, so HOW do we do that?

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Sam Grant has been organizing around the intersection of economic, cultural and environmental justice since working on his college campus for divestment from South Africa and working for passage of legislation ensuring that both workers and communities have the right to know about toxic chemicals in their workplaces and communities. Sam brings decades of nonprofit leadership, transformative organizing, and love to the work of MN350. He looks forward to engaging all Minnesotans in a movement that delivers sufficient reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and brings all our creativity together in a just transition that promotes a healthier future for all of us on our beautiful earth home, which all of us come to respect and honor with the way we live our lives well together.

The STEP Seminar Series is an interdisciplinary platform for scholars and practitioners to discuss research and policy issues in the broad domain of science, technology, and environmental policy. The seminar series provides an informal setting for feedback and engagement with ongoing research projects and policy debates. We invite scholars from all disciplines and practitioners working in all action arenas with connections to the fields of scholarship that shape science, technology, and environmental policy. The seminar series takes place throughout the academic year at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, typically over lunchtime on Mondays.

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