Our Transportation, Our Lives

Humphrey School of Public Affairs
May 1, 2023 - 3:30 pm CDT
- 5:30 pm
The Forum, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Transportation affects every aspect of our lives. Join Humphrey School of Public Affairs for an in-depth discussion on transportation equity and the experience of underserved communities. This event will feature new findings from the “Centering the Margins” research project funded by the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Advancing Transportation Equity Initiative

This event is being held in-person and is open to everyone.


Join Humphrey School of Public Affairs for a discussion with Professor Yingling Fan and her research team, on the transportation experience of underserved communities. The discussion will examine and identify ways to address the major transportation issues faced by underserved communities through short presentations, poster exhibitions, and community networking. The discussion is made possible because of the following community partners:



The event is two hours with drinks and refreshments. Registration is free but required for food and beverage provision. To participate, register by Monday, April 24 to attend here.

Contact Info
This event is hosted by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. If you have questions or need to request accommodations for this event, please email [email protected]