Gender, Race and Partisan Politics in the 45th Presidential Administration

Join us for an interactive panel discussion, featuring:

Enid Logan, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Minnesota
What are college students’ views of the role of race, immigration and gender in the 2016 Presidential campaign? What are the meanings of Trump’s Presidency for youth on our college campuses today? In this presentation, Professor Logan will provide initial results from her current research on this topic.

Karen Beckwith, Flora Stone Mather Professor and Chair of Political Science, Case Western Reserve University
What has been the historical rationale behind US cabinet appointments, and the role of gender and race in these appointments since 1974, the last all-male, all-white cabinet? How does President Trumps’ cabinet compare to previous US cabinets and to cabinets around the world in terms of its diversity? In this Presentation, Professor Beckwith will draw on her recently completed book manuscript  Cabinets, Ministers and Gender on gender and executive appointments around the world.

Kathryn Pearson, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota
What dynamics of gender, race, and partisan politics we can expect in the 115th Congress?  In this presentation Professor Pearson will share her expectations, based on her on-going research on gender and US congressional dynamics.

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PhotoCredit: Huffington Post

January 25, 2017
2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
301 19th Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55455