Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Dr. Guo is an attorney, chief arbitrator, professor, and director of the Center for Law Application of Anhui University. His main interest is in conducting comparative law research on the theory and practice of alternative dispute resolution, civil procedure, evidence, and human rights law. He has authored more than twenty publications in China on research in these fields. He is attempting to understand how China can learn and adopt beneficial systems from U.S. legal theory and practice. Dr. Guo hopes to be able to make a persuasive case in his own country for the importance of making improvements in alternative dispute resolution. At present, Chinese scholars are studying alternative dispute resolution, but it is not practiced in China. Dr. Guo hopes someday to establish a center for alternative dispute resolution in China. During his fellowship year, he hopes to communicate with U.S. researchers, educators, and practitioners in the fields of human rights and alternative dispute resolution.