Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Mr. Serge Michel is Project Coordinator for the United Nations Office for Project Services. He is in charge of preparing financial documentation for the delivery of services. He oversees recruitment for the Health Unit and responds to queries on human resource matters. He earned a degree in computer programming from the Computer Technique Institute, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the National University of Haiti, and a finance certificate from the University of Michigan. During his fellowship at the University of Minnesota, Mr. Serge hopes to expand his knowledge of finance and budgeting for public sectors and financial management for public and non-profit organizations. He also hopes to enhance his knowledge in project management and community leadership, and learn about the “American Dream” concept and how it could fit the context of his own country. Upon his return to Haiti, he plans to help the Haitian government design policy mechanisms to regulate the functioning of public and private institutions, create public policies to mitigate corruption, and actively participate in the preparation of law proposals, especially those dealing with finance.