Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Mr. Sandcroft is an attorney in private practice in Kingston, Jamaica. He provides representation to children in conflict with the law and advocates for children in need of care and protection. He also engages in public education and policy formation on the subject of children’s rights. Mr. Sandcroft holds a Bachelor of Law degree as well as a Certificate in Legal Education from the University of the West Indies; he earlier earned a Bachelor of Science degree, with a concentration in political science, from that institution. He long ago decided to devote his legal career to the rights of children. During his Humphrey Fellowship year, he hopes to examine closely several excellent Minnesota government programs involving the rights of children and to enhance his already considerable expertise in that area. Upon his return to Jamaica, he hopes to be better equipped to pursue the enhancement of the situation of children under Jamaican law; he has already outlined a detailed and specific agenda of such improvements. He hopes to see the day when Jamaica will have developed the mechanisms needed to be fully compliant with international law on this subject.