Pepita Jane
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Ms. Petralba is the Chief Provincial Prosecutor of Cebu with the Philippine Department of Justice, responsible for approving, filing, and prosecuting cases involving all crimes committed in the Province of Cebu as well as the management of the prosecutor’s office. She contributes to policy-making on women’s concerns as Commissioner of the Cebu Provincial Women’s Commission, and she is Vice-Chair of the Inter-Agency Task Force against Trafficking. Ms. Petralba holds a Bachelor of Law from Southwestern University in Cebu City, with a Certificate of Participation in International Human Rights Law from the International Institute of Human Rights. As a Humphrey Fellow, Ms. Petralba hopes to adopt a bottom-to-top approach to the prevention of human trafficking and violence against women and children, and to develop high-level policies on the prosecution of trafficking cases and witness protection.