Paul Andrés
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants
Areas of Expertise
Area of Study: Law and Human Rights – LGBTI Rights & Advocacy

    Mr. Cuadrado is a social science professional from Ecuador. He has studied social management and development in Ecuador and Spain, as well as democracy in Sweden. For the past eight years Mr. Cuadrado has worked as a teacher and a consultant for Esquel Foundation, an NGO dedicated to sustainable human development.  He has designed and written at least 200 project proposals which have brought in $3 million in international funding to a development area in Ecuador. Mr. Cuadrado has also collaborated on programs looking to strengthen civil society and education. He has a deep interest in human rights promotion, specifically relating to LGBTI, women and youth. Mr. Cuadrado hopes his experience at the Humphrey School will provide him tools, knowledge and good practices to develop better advocacy campaigns, as well as projects for the promotion of human rights in Ecuador.