Olivier Donat
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Mr. Olivier Donat Andriamahefaparany is currently an elected member of parliament in the National Assembly of Madagascar, and is a member of the commissions of Finances & Economy and Infrastructure.  Outside the assembly, he acts as political leader of his country sector and organizes and supports social, economic, and cultural activities within that sector.  Mr. Andriamahefaparany has held a series of positions in the Malagasy Government in a variety of departments including the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Ministry of Tourism and the Municipality of Antananarivo City.  He is a strong advocate of private and public sector linkages.  He received a Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences of Constance, Germany, a Master of Science in Renewable Energies from the University of Oldenburg in Germany and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Lancaster, UK.  During his fellowship year, Mr. Andriamahefaparany will focus on economic development, public policy, and science, technology and environmental policy.