Muhammed Anwar
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants
Areas of Expertise
Area of Study: Law & Human Rights

    Mr. Khetran is Senior Superintendent of Police in Balochistan and has over 10 years of experience in police investigations, operations and counterterrorism. He has served as Superintendent of Police in terrorism-affected and volatile districts in various parts of Balochistan. Mr. Khetran hails from the local ethnic Baloch community of one of the most isolated areas of Balochistan. During his tenure in Balochistan he successfully dealt with cases of ethnic violence, human rights violations, Baloch insurgency and religious terrorism. In terrorism affected areas, routine development projects and polio campaigns are impossible without the active participation and protection of police. Mr. Khetran has helped implement initiatives to improve police responses to these unique challenges and to develop standard operating procedures for responses to various incidents of terrorism. In his capacity as Assistant Inspector of General Operations, he supervised all law and order, and terrorism-related issues throughout Balochistan. Mr. Khetran plans to learn more about responses to police violations of human rights in the United States during his Fellowship year.