Moo Jo
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Mr. Moo Jo Son started his career as a public servant in the Ministry of Environment, focused on natural environment conservation policy such as protection of endangered species and designation of ecosystem conservation areas.  He currently serves as deputy director of the Senior Civil Service Policy Division of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, where he is responsible for establishment and implementation of national policies on the Senior Civil Service, and human resources management.  In this position he has noted that, though the problems of immigrants in South Korea are not yet seriously considered, immigration is steeply increasing along with the country’s rapid economic growth.  Therefore, the question of how South Korea’s government responds to the growing immigrant population promises to be an important issue for some years to come, and now is the time to prepare effective measures.  He earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Korea University in Seoul.  During  his fellowship year, Mr. Son will focus on human resources management, policies for racial equality and equal opportunity, and promoting cultural diversity in civil service.