Portrait of Mark Dayton
Executive Leadership Fellow
147 Humphrey School
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants
Areas of Expertise
Public management; public budgeting; strategic planning; education; economic development; integrative leadership; infrastructure finance


Mark Dayton held the office of governor of Minnesota for eight years, leaving office in January 2019. His accomplishments as governor include signing gay marriage into law, increasing funding for public education, bringing numerous large-scale public works projects into being, and raising the statewide minimum wage. Prior to serving as governor, Dayton was elected a United States senator and Minnesota state auditor; he has also held a variety of other roles in state government throughout his 40-year career in public service. 

As an Executive Leadership Fellow at the Center for Integrative Leadership, Dayton will contribute his experience to students, faculty, and other interested learners and scholars through research, special projects, and classroom presentations. One way Dayton plans to do so is by working with a student team on the Gubernatorial Oral Histories Project. The project is mentored by Patrick Coleman, another CIL Executive Leadership Fellow. Dayton will also collaborate with Humphrey School Associate Professor Kathy Quick to assemble a series of reflections on collaboration and leadership, drawing on his time in and outside of government. 

Dayton holds a BA in psychology from Yale University.


BA in Psychology (Yale University, 1969)