Kimberly Esteban Molitas
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Ms. Gonzales is the Executive Assistant and Senior Aide to the Deputy Chief of the Philippine National Police for Operations (DCO). She analyzes and endorses decisions made by the DCO after review, and makes recommendations on courses of actions where applicable. She coordinates with the PNP Command Group, the Personal Staff, and Support Units on behalf of the Deputy Chief for Operations, while also serving as a member of the Special Committee of the Chief, Philippine National Police on High Impact Projects. She earned a degree in public safety from the Philippine National Police Academy, and a master’s degree in Transnational Crime Prevention from the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia. During her fellowship at the University of Minnesota, Ms. Gonzales plans to gain a tighter grasp of policy analysis and public administration, as well as observe the implementation of existing policies on transnational issues. As member of the law enforcement she would like to look into the domestic and international policies that embody inter-agency investigation of transnational issues and the involvement of stakeholders in the investigation of these issues or crimes. Upon her return to the Philippines, with fresh knowledge on policy analysis and administration, she plans to be involved in policy making. She also will advocate the education of the public and her fellow officers on transnational issues, to help her organization in the analysis of related policies, and to eventually help her country rise above the challenge of transnational issues.