Abreu Martins
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Mr. Abreu Martins is an architect and urban planner graduated from Viçosa Federal University at Minas Gerais, Brazil. He is a professor of architecture and urban planning at Jean Piaget University of Cape Verde. Last year, He worked as a coordinator of two urban projects in Sal Island and Espargos and worked as a consultant of FAO – United Nations for primary schools canteen for those islands. He concurrently has a project to reform extremely poor people of his city. And as a teacher he is encouraging students to use and create technology in problem solving and environmental sustainable plans. During his fellowship, he wants to acquire new knowledge that will be applicable to launch proposals for the new cities, promoting a debate on the need of multidisciplinary teams in the planning process, and encouraging the local and central authorities to look into comprehensive regional plans to join a global world perspective. Back in his country, he will look into economic development projects that could support the low-income communities such as the farmers and fishermen to meet the needs of electrical energy, lack of water, accessing education, health and transportation services in and around the ten islands of Cape Verde.