Jean Coleman


Jean Coleman holds J.D. and M.U.R.P. degrees from the University of Iowa. Over the past 25 years, Ms. Coleman has held positions as an environmental attorney, director of national nonprofit natural resource protection organizations, and owner of two private land use consulting firms. She has worked on increasingly complex, challenging and fulfilling land use planning, zoning, policy, legal and education projects. These projects have involved navigating a wide variety of landscapes throughout the Midwest and Northeastern United States, and navigating all levels of government. Ms. Coleman’s work combines her interests in both planning and law by using public participation and conflict resolution techniques to develop policies, ordinances, and programs for all types of communities. In addition to teaching PA 5013, Law and Land Use, at the Humphrey, Ms. Coleman has taught the Environmental Sustainability Policy Clinic at the University of Minnesota Law School for over 7 years, connecting law students with real-world clients on sustainability issues.