Portrait of Isabel Marsh
Research Associate
271 Humphrey School
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Isabel is a research associate at the Institute for Urban and Regional Infrastructure Finance (IURIF). She facilitates government agency learning processes that inform budgeting decisions and help them create effective civic engagement plans. Her work maps possible economic and social impacts of infrastructure investments.

    Isabel has extensive experience designing and conducting evaluations and research with clients in diverse sectors in Latin America, Africa, and the U.S. Topics include infrastructure, education, civic engagement, poverty alleviation, workforce development, gender equality, economic development, rural development, and social justice. In her practice, she strives to practice cultural humility and responsiveness, leverages participants' expertise, and facilitates trusting environments of mutual learning and exploring. She holds a master's in International Development from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a minor in Program Evaluation and a degree in economics from the Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca (Colombia). She also has training from the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Technology of Participation (TOP) methods and strategic planning. She is a first-generation immigrant, first-generation college graduate, native Spanish speaker, and fluent in English.