Mihaela Morar
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Ioana Morar is a psychologist, and is the Deputy General Director of Romania’s National Administration of Penitentiaries. During 13 years with this agency, she has been in charge of rehabilitation, health care, human resources, staff psychology, labor, security, and legal issues. Previously, Ioana was the Director of the Social Reintegration Department, and was the Head of Psychological Assistance for Gherla Penitentiary. She is on several professional advisory bodies, including for Penal Reform International, the European Prison Education Association, and a Council of Europe initiative on penological cooperation. Ioana has a PhD in psychology from the University of Bucharest, Masters degrees in law, criminal science, and sociology, and a BA in psychology. During the Humphrey Fellowship, she aims to improve her leadership skills and learn about innovative approaches to criminal justice and prison administration. She will use what she learns to improve policies and programs related to rehabilitation of incarcerated people, and to help establish an institute for prison administration in Romania.