Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Ms. Harutyunyan is the Coordinator of the Legal Department of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly - Vanadzor. In that capacity, she develops strategic plans and projects implemented by the organization to improve the human rights situation in Armenia. An important part of her work is the formation of quick response mechanisms such as human rights monitoring for the prevention of human rights violations in closed and semi-closed situations. She conducted more than six human rights monitoring projects in Armenia. She is a practicing lawyer and a member of the Chamber of Advocates in the Republic of Armenia, handles strategic litigation in torture cases, and responds to fair trial issues. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence from Mkhitar Gosh Armenian Russian University. During her Humphrey Fellowship year, Ms. Harutyunyan will study the mechanisms of the independent judicial system in the United States, especially the mechanisms for public participation and control over the judicial system. She hopes to strengthen her capacities and networks with international human rights organizations working for democratic change in Armenia. Upon her return to Armenia, Ms. Harutyunyan plans to play a role in reforming the Armenian judicial system and enhance public participation in decision making processes.