Portrait of Guillermo Narvaez
Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center

Guillermo Narvaez

Researcher 6

Dr. Narvaez is a research associate in the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. He is the program manager of a new initiative, The American Indian Policy Group, which aims to enhance the engagement and training on relevant policy issues with American Indian and other indigenous communities. His current research includes topics in: public deliberation and policy decision-making in local roads system in Minnesota (funded by MNDOT/LRRB); and transportation safety in American Indian communities (Roadway Safety Institute, funded by FHWA/RITA). He is a research member of a multi-year Grand Challenges project: analyzing success factors to address complex societal challenges (UMN/Center for Integrative Leadership).

Additionally, he continues to research the impacts of sustainability and quality certifications in the specialty coffee industry and other tropical agricultural products through coffee improvement projects in Haiti and Nicaragua. Dr. Narvaez has a PhD in Anthropology from the University of California, Irvine, and has previously worked as an electronic engineer in the computer, medical, and telecom industries.