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Areas of Expertise
Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

    Ms. Eman Alaghbari is a Reservoir Engineer at Petromasila. She has worked in the petroleum sector in Yemen since 2008, and was the first female reservoir engineer in the country. She is passionate about alleviating poverty in Yemen. In addition, Ms. Alaghbari is the founder of the Nature Conservation Initiative, which engages Yemeni youth interested in environmental protection. She also established Get Real, an organization focused on poverty reduction. The organization encourages entrepreneurship and vocational training among youth, and shares information about small business success with the public. Ms. Alaghbari holds a Master of Business Administration degree in management from the Lebanese International University and a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University. Ms. Alaghbari wants to learn about public policy analysis during her fellowship year, and will use that knowledge to participate in reviewing economic policies in Yemen and improving them to suit the country’s economic development needs.