Dan Milz

Visiting Assistant Professor
environmental planning; civic engagement and public participation; collaborative governance

Dan Milz, PhD, is a visiting assistant professor of Environmental Planning and Civic Engagement. Dr. Milz teaches in the Urban and Regional Planning area and is the current coordinator of the environmental planning concentration. His research focuses on water resource planning and management. In particular, he studies how communities use plans and policies to develop sustainable and resilient water resource systems. Recently, he completed a study of a regional wastewater planning process on Cape Cod, he explored water supply planning in the Chicago region, and he is currently collaborating on a project studying how planning support systems help communities site green infrastructure to mitigate flooding in urban neighborhoods.

Dr. Milz maintains an active interdisciplinary research agenda outside his core focus area. He has partnered with artists and artisans to conduct a cultural asset inventory of New York’s North Country region. Dan is also studying the psychology of judgments that support comprehensive and economic development planning, and he has been working with students at the Humphrey School to explore environmental justice and equity in the Twin Cities.

Selected Writings

Milz, Dan, M. Zellner, Charles J. Hoch, J. Radinsky, K. Pudlock, and L. Lyons. Forthcoming. “Reconsidering Scale: Using GIS to Inform Spatial Planning Talk.” Planning Practice & Research 0 (0):000–000. (Academic login required)

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Hoch, Charles J., M. Zellner, Dan Milz, Josh Radinsky, and Leilah Lyons. 2015. “Seeing Is Not Believing: Cognitive Bias and Modelling in Collaborative Planning.” Planning Theory & Practice 16 (3):319–35. (Academic login required)

Machler, Leonard, and Dan Milz. 2015. The Evolution of Communicative Planning Theory. Young Academics Booklet Series. Groningen, Netherlands: InPlanning.