Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Mr. Pérez is currently a Police Officer with the National Police of Colombia. He is an adviser to the General Director of the Police, focusing on the management of the police information system. Mr. Pérez received a degree in business administration from EAN University, a degree in police management from National Police Academy "General Santander" in Bogotá, and a master’s in Management with specialization in organizations research from Université Pierre Mendès in Grenoble, France.  His main duties include designing strategic planning methodologies to monitor the performance of public safety policy, and guidelines for transparency and accountability for each one of the decentralized units in the country.  As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Pérez wants to reflect about best practices in his field in the U.S., compare them with those in his country, develop leadership skills to bring change in the implementation of strategies to anticipate crime occurrence using new emerging technologies, and strengthen relationships with U.S. institutions.  Upon his return to Colombia, Mr. Pérez purpose is to make an impact in higher education and research, in order to train new analysts inside the National Police and other public institutions.