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Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants


    Amy Susman-Stillman, Ph.D., is Co-Director of the Center for Early Education and Development (CEED) at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Susman-Stillman’s interests focus on promoting strategies to improve the quality of early care and education care in home- and center-based settings, meeting the diverse needs of the early care and education workforce, and enhancing the impact of assessment in early care and education programs. Dr. Susman-Stillman launched and directs CEED’s Assessment and Training Center, which conducts a wide range of early childhood assessments for early childhood research projects and programs, and administers trainings for early care and education practitioners on these assessments and how to use assessment data to enrich practice and early care and education quality.


    PhD in Child and school psychology (University of Minnesota, 1997)

    BS in Human Development and Family Studies (Cornell University, 1989)

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