Al Beli
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants
Areas of Expertise
Area of Study: Law and Human Rights – Law Enforcement Practices & Human Rights

    Ms. Afifa has over 10 years of experience working in law enforcement with the Bangladesh Police. She currently serves as the Additional Deputy Commissioner for the Dhaka Metropolitan Police. In this position she is responsible for coordinating the activities of various divisions, criminal investigations and code enforcement, overseeing performance of the department, development and training, and ensuring observance of human rights standards in police work.  In 2013 she led the Bangladesh Police UNPOL team in South Sudan as the Deputy Contingent Commander and was responsible for the Protection of Civilian duty, investigating violations of human rights, and providing humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons.  Ms. Afifa was awarded the United Nations Medal in 2015 in recognition of her contribution to the Protection of Civilians during that mission. She has worked as a detective on high-profile cases concerning domestic and international terrorism and countering violent extremism.

     Ms. Afifa earned a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and a Master of Science in applied mathematics from the University of Dhaka. During her Humphrey Fellowship she plans to focus on law and human rights, specifically on the processes by which U.S. police departments seek to protect human rights.