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    Mr. Tholal is the Vice President of the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives. He runs the Commission in absence of the Chair and mentors in the Advocacy Department. He also heads the Women’s Focal Group, which, among other issues, confronts religious extrem­ism that affects gender issues. Tholal is a prominent fig­ure in national media, and has been featured on several TV shows. He has also performed as MC for five years at the nation’s largest media events, Independence Day and Republic Day. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Sci­ence degree in Cultural Heritage Management and Cre­ative Writing from the University of Canberra in Australia. Mr. Tholal’s publica­tions include the book, “National Museum: An Overview of the Objects at the National Museum of Maldives.” As a Humphrey Fellow, he plans to study law and human rights to address how judicial reform in Maldives can improve the accessibility of justice for vulnerable groups.