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    Ms. Mumba has worked in public service for 17 years in Zambia. She is Principal Education Standards Officer for the Ministry of Education and also serves as the Executive Director for the Forum of African Women Educationalists in Zambia (FAWEZA). Her other roles have included serving as principal at numerous girls schools where she focused on promoting equity in education for girls and women. Ms. Mumba has five years of experience working in special education. In 1999, without government funding or financial support, she mobilized community members in Chongwe District of Lusaka Province to establish a secondary school for girls educating over 450 girls each year. Ms. Mumba believes that education for girls is the most effective vehicle to improve the lives of families and to foster economic empowerment in developing countries. She holds a Master of Science in Public Health (health promotion) from Leeds Metropolitan University and a Master of Science in Equity Studies from the University of Dublin-Ireland.