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The Center on Women, Gender and Public Policy (CWGPP) has a strong track record of producing research and translating that research into the policy realm.

Equal Pay

To advance pay equality, the CWGPP worked in collaboration with Minnesota’s Pay Equity Coalition, Gender Justice, and the national Equal Pay Today coalition to examine and recommend policy to improve public and private sector equal pay laws, building on Minnesota’s leadership in this policy arena and to design incentives for private sector action.

Paid Sick Leave

With support from the Minneapolis Foundation, in 2018 the CWGPP collaborated with the College of Education and Human Development's Family Social Science department to understand the design and implementation impacts of the Minneapolis sick leave ordinance on African American employed caregivers and their families.

Presence and Influence of Women Policymakers in Federal STEM Agencies

In collaboration with the Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy area, and with funding from the National Science Foundation, the Women in Science and Technology Policy Project explored the presence and influence of women policymakers in federal science and technology agencies and the mechanisms leading to pay inequality within seven federal agencies.

Women in Elected Leadership

In 2009, CWGPP teamed up with the Political Science Department to study the path men and women take to office and the role of gatekeeper organizations. We subsequently used this research address diversity among elected officials.

Workforce Segregation

The CWGPP took a leading role in decreasing workforce segregation that disproportionately impacts women of color by conducting research on the economic consequences of workforce segregation and facilitating a multi-sector working group on supply and demand issues within higher-paying nontraditional occupations. This short documentary film, Our Rights: Raising the Stakes, features the Center's work to increase participation of women in construction in Minnesota.

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