Transparency and Minnesota Public Affairs

The Transparency and Minnesota Public Affairs project improves awareness of how the state’s democratic process works. One component tracks campaign spending by individuals, candidates, parties, and outside groups in Minnesota elections.

Nearly $7 billion flowed into US federal elections in 2016 in order to influence their outcomes, and Minnesota has also seen enormous sums of money flow into its federal and state races. Too often it has been hard to track the amounts spent to influence Minnesota elections and to identify the sources of funding.

The project is directed by Professors Kathryn Pearson and Lawrence Jacobs, who have public reputations for independence as well as scholarly reputations as rigorous researchers. During the 2018 election cycle, they will issue three reports on spending in state and congressional races based on Minnesota and federal disclosures: early October, early November, and early February.

Read the October report on campaign spending